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School renovation - EPP Fologo 1

October 21, 2023

Action For Africa is committed to rehabilitating Fologo 1 and 2 schools in Côte d'Ivoire. Join us now to improve infrastructure, provide educational materials and support teachers.

Details of the action

Publication Date | November 01, 2022

Feeding dreams

  • Organization : EPP Fologo 1 & 2 school
  • Objective : Offer a pleasant learning environment to children in the town of Bonon
  • Location : Bonon, City located in the center west of Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa
  • Main needs : Renovation of the toilets, construction of a canteen, painting work and entrance gate
    • Carpentry ceilings 6 classes = $4,800
    • Floor and ceiling renovation work = $13,600
    • Bathroom renovation = $1,600
    • Fence paint = $800
    • Front gate repair = $700
    • Class 100 tables = $3,000
    • Sports field redevelopment: $2,200
Classe Fologo 1&2

Rehabilitation and improvements of Fologo 1 and 2 schools

Our association Action For Africa is committed to providing children with an optimal learning environment by working closely with the school community. The association has undertaken to participate in the rehabilitation and improvement of Fologo 1 and 2 schools, located in Bonon, Bouaflé, in Côte d'Ivoire.


Portail dégradé Fologo 1&2
Our rehabilitation initiatives aim to improve the infrastructure of Fologo 1 and 2 schools. This includes:
  • The renovation of the toilets,
  • Painting all school fences
  • Redo the entrance gate
  • The layout of entrances to create a welcoming environment that is conducive to learning.


We also recognize the importance of equipping teachers with the tools needed to provide quality education. That is why we are committed to providing educational materials, including geometric instruments, to support teachers in their teaching mission.


cour EPP Fologo2

Your support is critical to achieving these improvements and supporting the school community. Whether you choose to:

  • Make a financial donation,
  • Contribute in kind by providing paint materials or school supplies, or
  • Participating as a volunteer during rehabilitation work, every gesture counts.


Toilettes Fologo 1&2

Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of children and teachers at Fologo 1 and 2 schools. Join Action For Africa today and participate in this noble cause.

Tables de classes - Fologo 1
Etat du sol Fologo 1
Cour d'ecole foloo 1 & 2
Salle de classe Fologo 1
Salle de classe et plafond  Fologo
Bureau EPP Fologo 1

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School renovation - EPP Fologo 1

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